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The Derby mailing list is a subscription email list devoted to the lively discussion of thoroughbred horse racing. It has been in existence since 1992. Typical topics include handicapping, breeding, and the spread of racing information. The list currently has over 1000 subscribers plus many who read online, and can average as many as 40 messages a day during peak seasons.

You can read the Derby List without being a member at the Last 200 Messages page.

Subscribe or Unsubscribe

To subscribe or unsubscribe, visit the signup web page. You can choose whether to receive List postings in Digest or real time when you sign up. With digest mode, you receive one Email message in the standard digest format daily unless the traffic level is high. The digest is also delivered whenever the message volume reaches 50K. In busy times of the year you may receive more than one a day, but usually it will be about one a day.

Reflected mode sends out each message separately as it arrives at the Derby list. The majority of those on the list receive the digest format. By default, all subscription requests are started in this mode, but you can later change over to reflected mode if you think you can keep up with the traffic. Some online services are not up to handling the heavy message volume reflected mode can generate at times.

All subscribes must be approved manually to prevent spammers from joining, so don't expect immediate results.

Change Your Existing List Options

If you are a current subscribed member of the List and want to change your existing List options, like Digest vs. real time, or not receiving mail at all while retaining the right to post, visit the member options page. You can also unsubscribe from here. You will need the password that was sent to you when you first joined the List. If you cannot remember yor password, the same page has a reminder function to send it to your subscribed email address.


  • If you can't resolve a List problem yourself using the automated panels, you can contact the List owner by emailing: (derby-owner at derbylist.com). Please note you might not get an immediate response.
  • Policy information, including posting guidelines, is here.
  • To post to the list, mail to: (derby at derbylist.com). You must be subscribed.
  • The current FAQ is available here.
  • The annual Derby List Triple Crown Contest page is here.
  • Messages since October 2007 are available online to subscribed members.
  • An archive of older messages is in the works.

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The Derby list is NOT affiliated with, nor is it a service of, Prodigy, Compuserve, Delphi, America On Line, or any other commercial computer service provider. If you are receiving the Derby list on one of the commercial providers, you should not be charged any premium over and above the normal electronic mail message charge (if any).

The Derby List is provided free of charge as a service to Internet horse racing fans, and is copyrighted by Cindy Pierson Dulay. The Derby List may not be redistributed for profit.

If you want to make a donation toward the running of the list, you can do so by clicking the logo below to make a donation via PayPal. Please visit my horse racing information website at Horse-Races.Net, as well as the advertisers who help make the List possible.